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I've personally negotiated over a HALF MILLION DOLLARS in Hardishake replacement claims... yours could be next! Pick up the phone and call me now (817) 781-9982.

“Who Else Wants To Get Their Defective
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Class-Action Lawsuit Settled

If you have a fiber cement roof (e.g. Hardishake, Maxishake, Cemwood, etc.) in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, you should read every word of this report. Find out why filing a Hardishake lawsuit claim is a waste of time for almost everyone.

Although HardiShake, MaxiShake, and Cemwood were originally sold as lifetime roofing they now reveal their *alleged fatal flaw. In fact, your Hardi Shake roof may already be showing signs of failure: breaking, cracking, delamination, discoloration, or softening.

Layers of Trouble

In 1996, the marketing representative for HardiShake trained a small handful of my colleagues to sell their product.  As he explained it, the fiber cement shingles were made by rolling a wire mesh wheel through a mixture of sand, wood "cellulose" fibers, and cement.  As the wheel turned, it picked up another layer of the mixture.  When the collected layers reached 1/4" thickness, they were stamped into shingles with either a "shake" or "slate" imprint.  The shingles were laminated creating a moisture barrier.

Common Complaints

Within a few years of installation, customers in Colleyville reported chips of shingles falling from their roof.  I've recently inspected homes in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington where the shingles are cracked in two.  Another common complaint is that it is impossible to hang Christmas lights without damaging the roof further.  You may have noticed that your roof has changed color, become "dirty", or possibly has started to grow algae.


In the past, concrete shingles were made with asbestos fibers that served to increase their strength and durability. Due to serious health concerns caused by asbestos, manufacturers were forced to find an alternate way to simulate these benefits.  The alternative became wood "cellulose" fibers.  While wood fibers initially did a good job of adding strength and durability to concrete shingles, many soon revealed their alleged fatal flaw.  When it rains, unprotected wood fibers attract and hold water.  As the temperature changes, the fibers expand and contract separating the shingle back into thin brittle layers.

Capillary Suction

One of the important dynamics to look at when studying premature shingle failure is "capillary suction".  Moisture can get into and behind the shingles because they sit tightly on top of each other.  Water appears to defy gravity when it is drawn backwards (wicking) into the overlapping above fiber cement shingle.  The way to defeat capillary suction is to perfectly seal each shingle (yeah right!).  Another method is to ventilate the space between each shingle by creating a gap.  Unfortunately, shingles work best at shedding rain water when you eliminate the gaps!  It seems to be a proverbial Catch 22. 
Bigger In Texas

Our damp climate causes the shingles to fail at a much faster rate than in other parts of the country.  Each change in season reveals further damage... eventually leading to extensive interior water damage in your home.  Unfortunately, most insurance companies will hold you responsible for those costly repairs due to your faulty roof.  They will rightly claim that your policy does not cover manufacture defects.  It will cost you thousands & thousands of dollars to replace your roof... not to mention what it will cost to repair your water damaged interior.

Lawsuit vs. Insurance

While the lawsuit alleges that the shingles are defective, I do not know of anyone who has been paid under the terms of the lawsuit settlement.  I do know of several different instances where a homeowner was finally able to get a court representative out to look at their roof.  In all three cases, their lawsuit claim was denied.  Furthermore, if your roof could be approved for a settlement, the terms of the lawsuit pay far below the fair market value for replacing your roof.  There are binding exclusions outlined in the lawsuit that make it virtually impossible to get a settlement.

On the other hand, several insurance companies are aware that your roof could be a huge financial liability.  With that in mind, let me share with you the following stories:

  • A couple had picked out their dream home in Mira Vista but could not close because their insurance agent refused coverage.

  • A Plano man was given a buy-out package from his new company but could not collect because of his Hardishake roof

  • A family wants to pull the equity out of their home but their roof raises red flags during appraisal.

  • A man buys a home and is able to get coverage with a major insurance carrier. A few months before he is to renew, his local agent calls with a warning... "Do NOT let them [the underwriter] know you have a Hardishake roof".

They laughed at me...
until the check came in the mail

I Will Get Your Defective Roof Replaced - Without It Costing You A Dime Out Of Your Own Pocket. All kidding aside, people actually laugh out load!  That laughing turns into a big smile when the check comes in the mail.

Save Your Money

Most insurance companies will give you a 15%, 25%, even up to a 35% reduction in your homeowners premium when your old roof is replaced with an approved product.  Your new roof can have the same look and feel without all of the headaches... Guaranteed! 

I believe that your insurance company, if properly prepared, will pay for the full replacement of your roof. Ten years of first hand experience and irrefutable insight gives me the winning edge with insurance companies.

What if My Insurance Company Will Not Pay?

My 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee
If your claim is refused for any reason, we walk away friends... no risk, no obligation, & no money out of your pocket.  

I will do all of the work necessary to get your roof replaced (i.e. write the damage reports, meet with your adjusters as often as needed, represent your interests with the technical experts, engineers, and supervisors, and negotiate with management, etc.)I have been paid thousands of dollars to negotiate these claims in the past.  For a limited time, I'm offering my services to you with no risk, no obligation, and no money out of your pocket.  

Ok, What's The Catch?

There is no catch.  All I ask is that when I am finally able to get your insurance company to agree with me, I'll be the one to put on your new roof.  Sounds fair, doesn't it?

The only way I make money is if your insurance company agrees to pay your claim.  If they pay the claim, they will pay a fair market price to have your roof replaced.  I make a profit by replacing your roof for what the insurance company allows.  If your claim is denied, I do not make any money.  Furthermore, you do not pay me anything for my services regardless of how much time I have invested.

Limited Number Of Clients

If you believe you have a HardiShake, MaxiShake, or a Cemwood roof, your first step is to pick up the phone and call me now.  Because the entire claims process requires a significant investment of time, I am only able to take on a limited number of clients.  If I am able to accept your case, we will begin the claims process immediately.   
Now Is The Time To Call
(817) 781-9982

Most Sincerely,

Michael D. Coday II
The Hardishake Specialist

p.s. I get anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 to consult on a replacement claim.  For a limited time, I'm waiving my fee so you can replace your defective roof without paying for it.

p.p.s.  Remember, if your claim is refused for any reason, we walk away friends... no risk, no obligation, and no money out of your pocket.  Pick up the phone and call me now because I will take care of you. 

* James Hardie Building Products (JHBP) has denied all charges of wrongdoing or liability of any kind whatsoever asserted or which could have been asserted in litigation and has asserted and continues to assert various defenses to various claims.


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