ASTM – American Society For Testing And Materials

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ASTM American Society For Testing and Materials

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an global, independently financed, non-profit, technical, scientific and educational society. The objectives of the Society are “the promotion of knowledge of the materials of engineering, and the standardization of specifications and methods of testing.”

ASTM membership is made up of thousands of individual members (e.g. technical engineers, scientists, educators) and a few thousand organizational members (e.g. companies, federal government organizations, colleges and universities) interested in the components of materials.

More than one hundred technical committees come up with and recommend ASTM standards addressing various kinds of materials; various administrative committees handle publications, research, screening, consumer standards and other activities.

The Society is supported largely by membership payments, with some income through the sale of publications.

The Society has expanded from the American Section of the International Society for Testing Materials. In 1961, the name of the Society had been switched to the American Society for Testing and Materials to stress its interest in details about materials.

Two general groups of information and publications are available from ASTM: (1) ASTM Standards which include explanations of terminology, specifications and methods of examination for materials and construction implemented in the industry; and (2) information dealing with analysis and examining of materials – “Materials Research & Standards” publicized monthly, “Journal of Materials” publicized quarterly, as well as special technical periodicals (STP’s and DP’s) which cover symposia and collections of information.

ASTM Specifications are designated with the initials ASTM, then followed by a code number along with the year of the last modification. As an illustration ASTM C55-66T would be the ASTM tentative spec for “Concrete Building Brick” as last modified in 1966.

Periodicals can be purchased directly from the American Society for Testing and Materials or can be secured through bookstores dealing with tech publications. Lists of costs and publications may be found by writing to the ASTM at the following address.

American Society for Testing and Materials
1016 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103