Hail Storm in Alvarado Texas

Alvarado Hail Storm
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Handfuls of Hail

I had stopped for ice cream at Braum’s in Burleson with my family when the storm blew past us and headed straight for Alvarado.

One of the guys sitting in a booth next to us received a phone call from his wife saying that there was big hail in their yard. She told him to stay put because the hail was still falling.

We didn’t make it out to Alvarado, just South of Mansfield, to check out the hail for another 30 minutes. By the time we got there, most of the hail had already started to melt away. There was thick steam coming off the back roads and tree leaves and limbs were shredded everywhere.

While driving through the area, we came upon a husband and wife who were outside looking at the hail damage to their trailer. The front of their trailer got plastered with hail. There were big holes in the siding and a window had been broken out.

Obviously, there was a lot of roof, siding, and building damage from the hail storm. Most of it was located South of Mansfield, TX.

  • Alvarado Hail Storm
    Hail picked up in Alvarado about 30 minutes after the hail storm.

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