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Hail storm severely damages roofs from Ft. Worth to Dallas

Local Roofing Contractor Pulls Back The Curtains

"How To Get The Settlement You Deserve. What
Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want You
To Know About Hail Damage Is Revealed
In This Free Insider Report..."

You didn't ask for a hail storm. You've got enough to worry about right now. In fact, this couldn't have happened at a worse time. Your roof has to be replaced now and you're stuck with a big deductible. Not to mention, all the other damage it did to your property. What a mess!

Broken Hardi Shake ShingleYou’ve spent a lot of money paying for insurance through the years and now you wonder if you’ll have problems when it comes time to collect a settlement.

If I can reveal several secrets to getting the most money for your hail damage, would you be willing to read every word of this report?

Obviously, you want your home fixed right. You don't want to hire a cheap contractor just because you didn't get the money you deserved. Worse than that, you don't want to be stuck doing some of the work yourself all because you didn't get enough money. Unfortunately, your insurance company wants to settle your hail claim for as little as possible. They are in business to make money and that's hard to do if they're paying top dollar for every single claim filed... think Hurricane Katrina.

Can you imagine never having to worry about your roof again? When you go outside and admire your beautiful home, you won’t have that sinking feeling every time your eyes glance up at your roof. Gone are the concerns over renewing your insurance. You can sell your home without cringing when you think about the inspector climbing up on your roof- that’s a nice feeling, isn’t it?

The more you think about it, the better it sounds… no hassles, no risk, & no money out of your pocket.

My name is Michael D. Coday II, “The Hardishake Specialist”. I get calls for Hardishake information from around the country. Insurance adjusters, inspectors, and homeowners call me regularly when they have questions.

As a result of my unique insight, I’ve personally negotiated over A Half Million Dollars in Hardishake replacement claims… yours could be next! Just two easy phone calls, and you’re on your way. The first thing you need to do is pick up the phone and call me.

What’s the catch? There is no catch. I make money when your insurance company agrees to replace your roof. I’ll install a brand new, hail and high-wind resistant, first class roof for you.

Your insurance company will pay for your new roof 100% “Paid In Full”. Here’s the best part, you’ll get a big discount. That’s right, they will pay you in the form of a substantial discount on your homeowner’s premium each and every month. You’ll save 10%, 20%, even up to 30%.


If your claim is refused for any reason, we walk away friends… no risk, no obligation, and no money out of your pocket. For a limited time, I’m offering you my guaranteed services without asking you for a single penny.

By now you’re asking yourself, “Why not? It sounds great to me!” This is an incredible offer. You should pick up the phone and call me right now.

Earlier on, I asked you, “If I can show you how I can replace your defective roof – no hassles, no risk, & no money out of your pocket, would you be willing to read every word of this report?”

Since you’re still reading, I’m going to assume that you answered, “Yes”. Well, now that I’ve shown you how I can replace your defective roof- it’s time for you to act on this. You should call me right now because your beautiful home is worth the effort.

Get your phone and call me right now. My Dallas - Fort Worth Texas phone number is (817) 781-9982. Call right now. Although my offer is free to you today, I can’t guarantee it’ll be free tomorrow.


Michael D. Coday II
The Hardishake Specialist
(817) 781-9982

p.s. Remember, if your claim is refused for any reason, we walk away friends... no risk, no obligation, & no money out of your pocket. Pick up the phone and call me right now because I will take care of you.