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You have a Maxishake or possibly a Maxislate roof. If you are frustrated by the woeful lack of Maxi information, You Are Not Alone!

To the untrained eye, a Maxishake roof looks identical to Hardishake or Hardishingle. There are a few subtle differences that you should know about. Generally speaking, they both will show very similar signs of decay and deterioration.

Maxishake can look a lot like HardishakeLet's begin with a technical description for Maxishake and Maxislate as reported by ICBO Evaluation Service, Inc.:

"Maxishake / Maxitile panels are composed of cellulose, portland cement, silica sand and pigments. The products are manufactured by building up layers on rollers and then curing by high-pressure autoclaving. Maxishakes are produced in integral colors with simulated wood-grain relief imprinted into the top face during manufacture; the Maxislates do not have the simulated wood-grain relief imprinted on them. The products are approximately 22 inches (559 mm) long, and 0.25 inch (6.4 mm) thick, with widths of 6, 8 and 12 inches (152, 203 and 305 mm). The installed system weighs approximately 4.6 pounds per square foot (22.5 kg/m2), with a maximum 10-inch (254 mm) exposure."

Made in Mexico. One Maxishake or Maxislate shingle in each bundle is clearly marked in black on the underside with the words "Made In Mexico". If you don't know what type of fiber cement shingle you have, Here's a hint: If you have a few bundles of shingles stuck away in your attic or garage, just look for the black identifying stamp on each bundle.

Back in 1995 I was approached by a distributor for Maxishake. He wanted me to sell Maxishake shingles instead of Hardishake. My very first thought was, "This looks like a cheap imitation". There was nothing wrong with the price though... $20 a square cheaper. That would have saved me almost $1,500 - $2,000 per home. As tempting as the extra money would have been, I can honestly tell you that I never put one Maxishake or Maxislate roof on because of what I'm about to tell you next.

I had an unofficial test that I would put every new fiber cement roofing shingle through. I did it with FireFree, Cemwood, Hardishake, and now it was time to test it with Maxishake. I want to warn you, it wasn't very scientific but it has proven itself over time. Here's the test...

Climb to the top of a 8 foot ladder. Hold a Hardishake shingle in one hand and the test product (Maxihake) in the other hand. At the same time, drop both products on a cement floor. Whichever shingle has FEWER broken pieces is the winner.

That's exactly how I decided to never ever sell Maxishake or Maxislate to my customers. They didn't stand up to my "drop test". The shingle would literally shatter into several pieces.

I've seen a lot of Maxishake roofs go bad in the last ten years. One of their biggest problems is that the shingles break apart. I personally believe that a lot of these now broken shingles were originally fractured from installation or even a rough transport. In most cases, it only takes a burst of strong wind, small hail, or even a heavy downpour of rain to reveal these flaws.

Maybe you've thought about joining the class-action lawsuit against Maxishake. Unfortunately, there isn't one... at least not one that I've heard about. You've got to remember that lawyers, as a general rule, pursue companies that have enough money to make it worth their time and effort. While James Hardie Building Products has had to defend itself against numerous claims, I would venture to guess that Maxishake has had very few. As the old saying goes, "You can't get blood out of a turnip".

I've personally negotiated over A Half Million Dollars in faulty shingle replacement claims... yours could be next! If you would like to get rid of your Maxi Headache, the first thing you'll need to do is pick up the phone and call me.

What's the catch? There is no catch. I make money when your insurance company agrees to replace your roof. I'll install a brand new, hail and high-wind resistant, first class roof for you.

Your insurance company will pay for your new roof 100% Paid In Full. Here's the best part, you'll get a big discount. That's right, they will pay you in the form of a substantial discount on your homeowner's premium each and every month. You'll save 10%, 20%, even up to 30%.


If your claim is refused for any reason, we walk away friends... no risk, no obligation, and no money out of your pocket. For a limited time, I'm offering you my guaranteed services without asking you for a single penny.

Get your phone and call me right now. My Dallas - Fort Worth Texas phone number is (817) 455-5618. Call right now. Although my offer is free to you today, I can't guarantee it'll be free tomorrow.


Michael D. Coday II
The Hardishake Specialist
(817) 781-9982

p.s. Remember, if your claim is refused for any reason, we walk away friends... no risk, no obligation, & no money out of your pocket. Pick up the phone and call me right now because I will take care of you.


Maxishake and Maxislate Shingle Information