Mansfield TX Hail Storm

There was a huge hailstorm that blew through Mansfield and South Arlington a few weeks ago. The hail wasn’t really that big… a little bigger than marbe size. However, it blew in with such force that it just tore everything up.

hail in mansfield tx

My kids have a trampoline in the backyard that was shredded. The padding around the trampoline was ripped up. It looked just like a spa cover that had been through a hail storm. The foam padding that was around the safety poles was shredded too. It was a lot of fun to see that hail bounce off the trampoline. My only concern was it bouncing into my windows.

The other thing that got blew out was my front safety lights by the garage. They had a heavy, heavy glass covering. The covering was blown out and the light was exposed. Fortunately, the hail came in from the back of the house. So, it didn’t have a chance to dent my garage door all up.

The roof hardware is dinged and pinged to death. I don’t have any roof leaks, but I did find some shredded shingles on the side of my house while mowing the yard today. There are already a few roofing signs up in my neighborhood. You want to try and hire a mansfield tx roofer. I’m sure we’ll be getting several new roofs around here.

If you need help getting your roof replaced, pick up the phone and call me or fill out this form to get a quote. While I’m not actively involved in roofing anymore, I would be happy to point you in the right direction.

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My jump into the world of roofing happened in May of 1995. Do you remember the gigantic hail storm that hit downtown Ft. Worth during MayFest? If you were in North Texas on that night, you'll probably never forget it.